Chocolatey Treats

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Most of my photography revolves around portraits and landscapes so shooting a food editorial was a little bit out of my comfort zone but I was happy to take up the offer none the less.

I photographed some chocolate desserts for a collaborative food magazine created by my university. I had the pleasure of styling and capturing a plate of chocolate biscuits as well as a chocolate gateau cake. All images were then retouched until the were print ready!

Here's the four best shots I submitted, I hope you enjoy!

I don't think these are exactly Donna Hay standard but for my first time shooting food I think I did okay, and I had lots of fun too!

I've been absolutely up to my ears in uni work lately but the bonus is I get to share little snippets like this with you guys!

If you have any queries or would like to collaborate sometime feel free to shoot me a direct message on Instagram @sinkingsophie or an email at!

Thanks heaps for viewing and as always much love! Xx

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