Foggy Days Caught On Film

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I'm happy to say that I've recently started shooting with film a lot more again. My poor camera had a lapse in use but I'm thrilled to be creating with that authentic process once again.

I live in the mountains and so a fair amount of mornings even during Summer prove to be quite foggy when I look out the window. I decided to capture some shots on these mornings. I recently got my last roll of film developed and these were some of the images produced.

All of these images were taken whilst standing on my back deck.
I hope you enjoy:

All of these images were taken on my Canon 3000n using ilford FP4. I love the entire process of shooting with film and if funds allow I'll be doing it a whole lot more in the future.

I'm also back at university now after a long break and I can't wait to share all my upcoming projects with you guys!

If you have any queries or would like to collaborate sometime feel free to shoot me a direct message on Instagram @sinkingsophie or an email at!

Thanks heaps for viewing and as always much love! Xx

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