Queen of the Forest

Monday, January 11, 2016

Having it been awhile since I've shot anyone with my camera especially myself I decided to start the year off by completing a short self portrait series. I felt inspired by the forest out the back of my house and the stunning pink dress I had spare from my 21st birthday, and so I ventured down in hope to incorporate my princess bride vibes amongst the leafy scenery.

Self portraits can prove to be a lot more frustrating than shooting someone else as you have to use a self timer and check that your own placement in the frame is accurate pretty much constantly. However after spending the entire afternoon posing and checking through my images immediately after taking them I was quite satisfied with the end result. 

I also decided to shoot some of the natural elements surrounding me and incorporate them into the series.

After some quick post production here's the outcome of my short self portrait series entitled 'Queen of the Forest', I hope you enjoy:

I'm pretty happy with the series overall and I can't wait to shoot more portraits of people other than myself this year. 
If you live in or around Melbourne, Australia and you're willing to be a model for a day feel free to email me at: sophie.l.neumann@hotmail.com, or send me a direct message on Instagram: @sinkingsophie!

I'm also looking at getting my website up and running this year so I'll keep you guys posted on that!

Thanks heaps for viewing and as always much love! Xx 

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