Josie on Film

Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the start of this year my family and I decided that we were all well over due for a new addition to the clan.
A friend of mine had informed me that his dog birthed a large litter of puppies late last year and that I was more than welcome to come over and play with them. After no more than ten minutes and being bombarded by a dozen playful little rascals my mother and I fell in love with a gorgeous tan coloured girl. She was the most docile of the bunch and apparently the most loyal as well. We were more than delighted to welcome her into our home as she had already stolen our hearts.

On the 26th of January we brought home Josephine Tauriel the English Springer Spaniel cross Kelpie puppy. She's a crazy little angel with a gorgeous temperament and a slightly mischievous side and my love for her is immeasurable (yes even when she goes to the bathroom on my carpet or steals my favourite shoes).

I spent some time with her outside the other week and decided to capture the moment on my Canon 3000n. Here's a few of the shots that were developed. Oh how I wish she would stay this tiny forever.

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. I am so crazy jealous! I really want a kitten, and my roommate just won't have it. He's gorgeous! And your photography is incredible.

    belle + compass

    1. Aw I love cats so much! I have two myself and they're so precious when they're little! Josie is my first puppy however and she's just lovely! Thank you so much.